Old-Fashioned Handmade Sodas

Made in house and mixed to order, our sodas are truly one-of-a-kind refreshment, perfect for the hot, dry summer days we are known to have in mountainous eastern Washington. CHeers!

Soda Descriptions

Sugar Plum

Its grape-y flavor is a delight! You are in for a treat with this holiday classic blend that includes raw unfiltered Ferry County honey and hints of freshly squeezed lemon and zest.

Vanilla Cream

A yummy surprise for your taste buds as it whirls together in a unique balance of citrus, vanilla and caramel, while remaining bubbly and smooth.

Cool Hand Cuke (Cucumber)

This soda is refreshing and light from the crisp cool mint blended with freshly squeezed lemon, zest and basil. Just enough agave is added to bring out the sweetness of this soda.

Honeycomb Zinger

Freshly squeezed lemon and zest tied together with raw local honey creates a delightful soda.

Lemon Drop Ginger Ale

If you love ginger then you will love this soda! Lemon gives this traditional Ginger Ale a refreshing twist that will make your cheeks pucker. Freshly grated ginger zings things up.