The people of RBC

The People

Meet the people of Republic Brewing Company!

RBC is a family owned and operated business. We all do our part to make RBC a great place to come visit, not to mention a great place to work. Our tight-knit team of creative individuals makes RBC unique and genuine. Here’s a little bit more about the team members...

The Owners

Meet Billy

Billy, Republic Brewing Company co-owner, is also the mastermind behind our beer. Billy began brewing while at in college, after hearing a professor lecture on the science behind brewing. The application of chemistry, microbiology, and extreme cleanliness suited his personality, and he was hooked. Billy is now the head brewer and sanitation regulator Republic Brewing Company.

In his spare time Billy enjoys archery, hiking, watching The Big Lebowski and drinking beer. A couple of Billy’s favorite RBC brews include the Republic Pale and the IPAs.


Meet Emily

Emily is the co-owner of RBC and is also from right here in Republic. Her love of beer is matched her love for her community and the great outdoors. Her dedication to "genuine beer and genuine people" keeps the pub lively, while her passion for live music keeps it rockin.

In her time outside of the brewery Emily enjoys hiking, camping, archery hunting, reading and anything sci-fi. Her dog Addy bartends with her on many occasions. Emily’s favorite RBC beers include the Big Mischief Porter, and the Brush Fit Brown.

The Crew


Meet Gwen

Gwen is a server and band hostess at RBC. Her experience as a mother makes her both the most patient and most firm bartender around. She’s a hometown girl who enjoys fishing, hiking, playing her mandolin, gardening and camping with her family. Gwen has been part of the RBC family since opening in June of 2011. Her favorite RBC beer is the Belgian Dubbel.


Meet Amber

Amber is from right here in Republic and is the RBC soda maker and bartender. Amber has created our homemade soda line from scratch. Her outside-the-box recipes , from "Roots n' Bark" to "Honey Basil Jalapeno" have generated a devout following of soda lovers.

When Amber isn't working at RBC or creating her newest soda she likes to go hiking, just being OUTSIDE as much as possible and letting her artistic side out. Amber has been with the RBC family since we opened in June 2011 and her favorite RBC beers are the "Widowmaker IPA" and the "Irish eyes Stout."


Meet Arista

Arista, bartender extraordinaire and website guru, was born and raised in Ferry County. Some of the things she enjoys outside of RBC involve geeky tech stuff, gardening, animals and keeping it real. Arista has been part of the RBC family since they opening in June 2011 and her Favorite RBC beers are "Brush Fit Brown" and "Big Mischief Porter"